Zebco 808 Spincast Review


3.Zebco Medium

Why we like this model

Compared to various other combos destined for bass fishing, the Zebco 808 Spincast offers unparalleled value for the price as it costs less than fifty dollars yet it raises up to par when it comes to catching larger and heavier bass.

The product can be utilized with the same great results both by beginners and by advanced fishermen.

Judging by the ratings acquired by the Zebco 808, it seems that it’s among the best choices of individuals who want to catch as much fish as possible, considering that the model has helped novices catch as many as fifteen catfishes in a single session.

Some of the other species that can be caught using the Zebco include carp and largemouth bass, as well as bluegill, which practically speaks for the durability and excellent construction of the combo.


User complaints

Some owners claim that the rod and reel combo is a bit heavy to handle for their physical attributes.

Professionals seem to be a tad disappointed in the way the reel performs.



In depth information


Built with big fish in mind

Since the combo features a medium heavy 7-ft rod, it goes without saying that it should be used with somewhat larger fish than your regular small bass. However, we’ve noticed that many individuals have gotten the same good results even when targeting smaller species. In the end, it might boil down to the experience you’ve acquired over the years and whether or not you’re able to use a medium heavy alternative in ponds and lakes as you would in the ocean. The two piece rod can be taken apart with ease, allowing owners to transport and store it wherever they please.


Easy and comfortable to use

One of the advantages of this combo is that the rod has a comfortable EVA grip. It might be worth noting that utilizing the rod is very comfortable and pleasurable thanks to this type of grip. The same goes for the reel, which comes with a 2.6:1 gear ratio, a ball-bearing drive, as well as a multi-stop anti-reverse. What’s more, the reel features both right and left retrieve, allowing multiple users to benefit from its services, regardless of whether they are right or left-handed.


Auto Bait Alert

The really neat thing about the Zebco 808 Spincast is that it has a unique characteristic that goes by the name of Auto Bait Alert. What this feature does for the end-user is let him or her know when the bait has been bitten and when he or she has to get down to business. The system makes a clicking noise that is triggered by the grabbing of the line.


Well worth every penny

Considering the amount of appreciation garnered by this model as well as the fact that it costs less than fifty dollars, it’s safe to say that it offers good value for the price. After all, it is probably one of the top recommended choices for beginners and youth interested in learning the basics of bass fishing.


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