Plusinno Spinning Rod and Reel Combo Review


1. Plusinno TM

Why we like this model

This combo is among the most critically acclaimed alternatives that we’ve come across during our research, which only goes to show just how useful its features are and how much value it offers to users.

This model is composed of a spinning reel and telescopic fishing rod, which means that it’s easy to carry around and store, whether you plan to transport it in a small car or truck.

The kit is relatively easy to use both by novices and by well-seasoned bass fishermen.

The reel and rod combo is both compact and capable of excellent performance, and it’s even remarkably affordable.


User complaints

The rod is too flexible for some individuals who have reported that it feels like it would break under heavy load.

The kit comes with no instructions regarding how you can put the two pieces together.


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In depth information


Convenience at its best

Convenience is an innate characteristic of this model as it features a telescopic rod and thus gives a lot of freedom to users in terms of storage and transportation. There are various rod lengths available for this unit and you should choose the right one for the species you’re trying to target and its weight and in accordance with the fishing circumstances you’ll find yourself in.


Irrespective of the type you will end up choosing, what you need to know is that both the full kit destined for beginners and the rod and reel combo intended for more advanced fishermen are constructed with the highest quality of materials. For instance, the telescopic fishing rod has been built out of high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. What this means is that you will be able to benefit both from a sturdy pole and one that is flexible enough to be comfortable to use. The same goes for the reel as it features a deep aluminum spool and a high tensile strength plastic body.


All the extras you may need

If you’re a well-seasoned bass aficionado, perhaps you’d like to choose the simple combo composed of just the rod and the reel. If, on the other hand, you have not yet accumulated enough experience to consider yourself a pro in the field of bass fishing, maybe you’d benefit from ordering the full kit. Aside from the usual rod and reel of your choice, you’ll also be getting six lures, six hooks, as well as four sinkers.


A great option for other fish species

If what you plan to do is go out fishing whenever you have the chance, without actually targeting bass every time, you might benefit from knowing that this combo can be used with great results for catching pike, walleye, as well as panfish. If you don’t plan to use your combo for ocean fishing, we recommend a medium-size rod such as the 6-inch or 7-inch one as we’ve found them to be the best in terms of versatility.


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