Our review on Shimano Stimula




Why we like this model

The Stimula is one of the most versatile alternatives in the line, as depending on the power rating of your choice you may want to use it for various species.

One of the highly esteemed features and benefits of this option is that it’s highly sensitive, thus easily allowing owners to sense when fish bite.

All in all, it’s a simple and beautifully designed rod that doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of performance.

Made with high-quality materials, the Stimula is one of the most reliable and sturdy products out there, in spite of its tremendous sensitivity.


User complaints

Casting the rod for a whole day might be a bit strenuous, as reported by several fishermen.

Although this is a stable and reliable pole, some people seem to think that the ultimate sensitivity can be achieved only by using a one-piece rod.


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In depth information


Reliability doesn’t have to come at a cost

One of the most beneficial characteristics of this rod is that it comes with a hook keeper, which basically means that fishermen will never experience with their hook swinging all over the place. Aside from this detail, since the aluminum oxide guides of this option make it both sturdy and easy to clean and maintain, it goes without saying that the Shimano Stimula is a winner with regards to reliability.


As durable as can be

Rods have to be entirely capable of doing what they’re supposed to do, which in this case, means allowing fishermen to catch as many fish as they possibly can. Sometimes, however, getting a 2-piece spin rod also has to refer to something else. Durability is a factor to consider particularly by rookies, as they usually like to spend their money on fishing equipment that’s worth every penny. Fortunately, we’ve seen that most of the individuals who recommend this alternative speak highly about its durability as the rod can withstand the test of time and the one of harsh weather and water conditions.


Destined for multiple fishing conditions

If bass fishing isn’t the only thing you have on your mind, perhaps you’d benefit from referring to the features of the Shimano Stimula. After all, we’ve seen that many owners have used this pole in various fishing circumstances, whether they went on trips with friends and fished in saltwater of freshwater.


Fit for beginners and eager learners

Thanks to the custom-shaped cork handle, this model is comfortable to hold both by well-seasoned fishermen and by complete beginners. Many times, it’s all about the fishing technique you will be employing and about whether or not you’re capable of gripping the rod with as much strength as your physical attributes allow you to. Luckily, the high-quality cork in the handle of this unit makes it very easy for users never to let go of their catch. What’s more, since this is a lightweight 2-piece alternative, it won’t advance any technical difficulties to users as they will have the freedom they need when performing various types of movements.


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