KastKing Mako Review


1.KastKing® Mako Spinning Reel

Why we like this model

The Mako is generally thought of as being one of the best spinning reels for bass fishing if you’re looking for a reliable option under one hundred dollars.

The model has been designed with all fishing circumstances in mind, considering that it can be employed both for freshwater and saltwater.

Based on the reviews gathered by the product, it appears that it’s both durable and lightweight.

Perfectly capable of doing its job even in the harshest conditions, the KastKing Mako features internal components that can last for up to three minutes underwater without becoming damaged.


User complaints

Some owners have reported that they’ve encountered minor issues with the paint that the reel is covered in as it has started to peel off. Others say that they would have preferred sticking to a more well-known brand than KastKing, such as Penn or Daiwa.


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In depth information


Revolutionary design

The unique design of this spinning reel is one of its most critically acclaimed features. For one, the model features a 5.1:1 gear ratio making it the top choice for individuals who like their retrieve as fast as possible. Secondly, the reel is a winner when it comes to performance as it features eight ball bearings made of stainless steel and one instant stop anti-reverse. What’s more, characteristics such as the deep aluminum spool as well as the foot made of aero-grade aluminum alloy are details to take into account if you’re really looking for the best alternative out there.


Easy to use

Since it has both anti-reverse and it has been developed both for left and right-hand users, it goes without saying that the KastKing Mako is more than capable of taking your fishing experience to a whole new level. You won’t have to stop in the middle of your fun and begin to perform adjustments on the reel, because there’s no chance of it becoming unusable, regardless of the duration of your fishing trip. Besides, the model features a CNC handle as well as an EVA flat paddle non-slip knob, which both significantly increase the value of the product per se.

2.KastKing® Mako Spinning Reel

Durability doesn’t come at a cost

Considering the materials that were used in the built of the unit, it’s easy to see that the KastKing Mako is a reliable and sturdy alternative that can last through the years. As is the case with other models available in today’s market, you will have to wash the reel thoroughly after having used it in saltwater. Even so, both the manufacturers and the people who were kind enough to provide ratings claim that the components in the reel are durable and can take a lot of abuse. The fact of the matter is that the KastKing reel has been utilized by professional fishermen in various tournaments and they’ve had nothing but good things to say about the smooth action, the fast retrieve, as well as the oversized spool of the product.


Cost efficiency

In spite of the fact that it costs less than one hundred dollars, the reel seems to offer plenty of value. Aside from bass, buyers have had a lot of success when fishing for yellowtail and mangrove, which means that the KastKing Mako can raise up to par in many circumstances where you might need a spinning reel.


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