Daiwa D-Shock Review


2.Daiwa D-Shock

Why we like this model

In spite of the fact that the Daiwa D-Shock is among the most affordable options out there, it’s capable of excellent performance.

The model has been constructed out of high-quality components made with exquisite materials.

The size of the rod makes it the perfect choice for individuals interested in fishing in ponds and lakes and wanting to avoid getting a too long pole for ocean fishing.

The spin reel in this alternative is precise and sturdy enough to withstand the test of time and harsh weather, as well.


User complaints

This is not the best rod to use with large size and heavy fish such as perch. However, even the individuals who’ve noticed this say that it offers great results when it comes to catching small bass and sunfish.

This well-functioning combo features a rod made of glass instead of graphite, so it might not be intended for professional fishermen who like their poles a bit more sensitive compared to beginners.



In depth information


Long-lasting and durable

In spite of the fact that the pole has not been constructed using graphite, the fact of the matter is that most of the other parts in the combo and the rod as well are made of excellent materials. This contributes to the overall item durability and makes it possible for users to avoid worrying about whether their rod and reel will take the abuse that they’re likely to go through during any fishing trip.


Precise and sensitive

The Daiwa D-Shock is a medium spin combo of which the rod length is six and a half feet. While this detail should mean that the model can’t raise up to par when it comes to targeting larger fish species, the fact of the matter remains that the combo is one of the best at catching smaller bass and similar fish. Thanks to the construction of the rod, fishermen now have the opportunity really to feel when the fish bites and move on to the battling techniques they prefer.


Made with high-quality materials

The reel features a graphite composite body which you’d typically find in some of the D-Shock’s competitors, all of which usually cost more than fifty dollars. While the rod has a glass construction, some of its interesting features include guides made of stainless steel, as is the case with the hooded reel seat. The EVA grips make it possible for owners never to lose a catch.


A critically acclaimed option worth every penny

We couldn’t help noticing that the kit costs less than fifty dollars on Amazon and a variety of other internet retailers. In the case of the formerly mentioned website, there are over one hundred positive reviews that we’ve consulted and have eventually reached the conclusion that the combo is worth every dime. Buyers praise the sensitivity of the rod and say that its action is medium light, making it possible for them to target any species from panfish to small catfish.


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