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Fishing rods for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Given that the market is simply overflowing with alternatives, sometimes it’s hard to get the right bass rod. Following several weeks where we’ve looked at sales figures, consumer reports, and various surveys and forums, we’ve come to the conclusion that the pole you should give some thought into purchasing is the Shimano Stimula. This 2-piece rod makes for a good portable choice for the angler who is always on the go. Some of the features that are likely to impress you in relation to the Stimula range from the aluminum oxide guides to the EVA butt cap that it has been outfitted with. Both the fore and the rear grip are made out of P-cork. The Stimula looks, feels, and performs in a way that’s likely to leave a mark on you in that it can take your angling game to a whole new level. At least that’s what most of the people who have bought it have to say about it. If the Stimula doesn’t meet your expectations, perhaps the St. Croix Mojo will.


A.1 Shimano Stimula

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best fishing rods for bass. Luckily for you, we enjoy giving a hand to prospective buyers who might be struggling with their options which is why we’ve put together a short guide that can allow fishermen to understand the differences between the many types of rods out there. If your time is rather limited, we recommend reading the following information so you can make the right call. You should ought to remember that your needs and preferences have to come first.



Most of the models you are likely to come across whilst doing your research are either casting or spinning alternatives. There are many situations in fishing that call for the best baitcasting rod for bass even though spinning options have their advantages as well. For example, if you are looking for the best flipping rod, you might benefit from checking out some baitcasting units. The same goes for spinner baiting and deep cranking. If you intend to utilize buzzbaits, cranks, toads, topwaters, or jerkbaits, you’re better off with the best baitcasting rod.

By contrast, spinning alternatives should be utilized with light line and small baits as they can’t handle too much pressure. Some people say that they offer the best results when being employed in calm fishing scenarios and for bass species of which the weight isn’t too heavy. Opinions on the matter vary from one fisherman to the next, as some people like to say that spinning models are destined for beginners whereas others claim this technique requires a certain degree of experience.



Many of the best bass rods of 2018 are made with graphite but it all boils down to your personal requirements when it comes to choosing between composite and graphite. On the one hand, composite rods are sometimes cheaper than their graphite counterparts. On the other hand, they’re not necessarily recommended for any other technique aside from crankbaiting. The main reason you’d be interested in a graphite rod is that it is remarkably lightweight and sensitive, which means that it is the perfect choice with regard to targeting finicky fish. Composite models are constructed of fiberglass and graphite, thus managing to combine the sensitivity and efficiency of the previously mentioned material while also adding to the overall durability of the unit.



The action of a rod comes from stiffness and flexibility. While being in the market for the best bass fishing rods, you’ll notice that there are three main kinds of actions: extra fast, fast, and moderate. The right style depends on the area you’re doing your fishing in and the types of baits you are likely to utilize. For example, should you fish heavy covers, you might require an extra fast rod. If you intend to use soft sticks and topwaters, you have a high chance of benefiting from using a fast action alternative. Finally, a moderate action is what you might need when employing finesse tactics and light line.



The handle doesn’t seem to be too much of a consideration for some people but in actuality, it really has a say when it comes to gripping the rod efficiently. From what we have seen, the handle of a bass rod can be made either of EVA foam or cork. Many of the best fishing rod brands go out of their way to design the handle in such a way so that it is incredibly easy to hold by the user. After all, nobody wants to lose a catch and many fishermen know how frustrating it is to go through this mishap.


Top 3 products we recommend


Some of the best fishing rods for bass are showcased below. We’ve based our selection on the ratings gathered by these products and we made sure to go through as many user reviews as possible. It seems that the following alternatives are some of the most popular ones both in the United States and Canada. It sure wouldn’t hurt if you had a look at their specs.



Shimano Stimula


1. Shimano StimulaShimano is one of the most reputable manufacturing brands in the industry of hunting and fishing products. It thus comes as no surprise that this option is in complete accordance with the company’s quality standards.

This is a 2-piece alternative that might just as well be the best bass spinning rod, mainly because it can be bought in various sizes and action styles so that it perfectly speaks to the needs of buyers. The fore grip and the rear grip are both made of P-cork.

The Stimula is packed with eye-catching features, ranging from a branded reel seat to an EVA butt cap, aluminum oxide guides and a multi-purpose hook keeper. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, it’s safe to say that this unit has a high chance of satisfying even the pickiest bass fisherman in the world.

What’s more, we have noticed that many of the people who have bought this rod are satisfied with what they got for the money considering that they say it’s worth every cent. Depending on the size and action, this model can cost less than fifty dollars, particularly if you decide to order it online from Amazon.

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St. Croix Mojo


2.St. Croix Mojo BassEven though it is considerably less affordable compared to the previously mentioned Shimano alternative, the St. Croix Mojo is at least worth a look as it is probably the best bass casting rod out there today.

For one, it’s made of graphite, which basically means that you won’t have any trouble with your casting technique as the product takes the cake when it comes to sensitivity.

This is a lightweight and excellently designed alternative that has been specially constructed so that it offers unparalleled performance. In a nutshell, it looks like the St. Croix Mojo is capable of taking your fishing experience to a whole new level by making it easy and enjoyable.

Aside from bass, it seems that the individuals who have purchased this option feel confident enough to use it with various other species such as pike. The model can take a lot of action as it’s strong and durable even though it’s made of graphite. Plus, it might be worth noting that this is an all-American product manufactured in the United States which has a say in regards to the quality of the product per se. If you’re looking for a lightweight rod, you’ve just found it.

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Shimano Solora


3.Shimano Solora 2It would have been close to impossible to leave out the Shimano Solora from the selection as it is yet another noteworthy alternative and perhaps the best fishing pole for bass, especially if you have been wanting to get a fast action spinning rod.

Available sizes range from 5 feet 6 inches to 7 feet. The action of all of these rods is medium so it doesn’t necessarily speak to the requirements of people looking for fast or extra-fast power.

The model has anything you might ever have wanted from a spinning rod of this caliber. From a reliable locking graphite reel seat to a cork fore grip and rear grip, the Solora definitely does not disappoint.

Furthermore, this unit features a tremendously durable aeroglass blank construction which has owners raving about it. Many of the fishermen whose opinions we’ve consulted seem to prefer using the rod along with the Shimano Sienna Front drag spinning reel. Close to one hundred fishermen took the time to write detailed positive reviews about the Solora which goes to show just how much value it offers for its reasonable price point. Some say it has exceeded their expectations as it is capable of performing just like an expensive rod.

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