Best bass fishing rod and reel combo


Rod and reel combos for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Fishing tackle describes a large variety of items from rods and reels for different types of fishing to complicated, high-tech gadgets that might increase the fisherman’s success. Having the right equipment can be the key to making fishing more comfortable and more productive. If you’re looking to buy the basic bass fishing gear, you will first have to think about getting the best bass fishing rod and reel you can find, and there are two ways to go about that: either you buy them separately, or you can ask directly for a bass rod and reel combo package, which we encourage. Since reading as much info as possible never hurt anyone, have a look at our comprehensive buying guide.

A.1 Plusinno TM


Consider your experience and needs

If you are just a novice in bass fishing, you will have to struggle a lot about learning the different items that constitute the fishing tackle, beginning with the terms and possible features of each of them, the materials and their different qualities, all of these varying for each fishing style and locations you plan to fish at. You will have to find the best bass rods and the best bass fishing reels that are suited for your needs, and this might result in a long and tiresome experience. Getting a combo will make it much easier for you, as you can order one that is versatile and will be useful for more than one fishing style, or you can buy one that is especially designed for the type of fishing you plan to engage in. In this event, you may benefit from having the certainty that the rod and reel are perfectly matched to serve the same purpose.


Guaranteed balance

When buying your bass fishing rods and reels, your first concern should be that the pairs are balanced, meaning that they are suited to support the same line weight. Thus, you have to be very careful when reading all the specifications for both items. If they aren’t balanced, and the rod is weighted too heavily in the length or tip, your wrist will become tired very quickly.  There are ways to determine if your rod and reel are properly balanced. For example, you can try and find the balance point. If you’re using a bait caster, place your finger in front of the reel, under the rod and see which direction the rod tips to. If you use a spinning reel, put your finger in front of the reel mount and see how quickly the tip collapses to the ground.

This hassle disappears into thin air when you buy a combo that has been tested for compatibility by the manufacturer. All the parts fit and the only effort you have to do is pick the best rod and reel combo. Not only will you be spending less time on trying to find the right part but you’ll also get to assemble the combo with ease and as little effort as possible.


Price and cost efficiency

When it comes to the cost, a bass fishing rod and reel combo can be more affordable than purchasing the parts separately. Most manufacturers offer packages that are reasonably priced, particularly in comparison with individual tackle. What’s more, these packages usually contain loads of fishing accessories that can further add up to the value of the kit. For a better fishing performance, you should always look for quality and thus, a higher price. If you’re inexperienced, purchasing a combo is advantageous on many levels.


Top 3 products we recommend


Even if you’ve decided to go with the combo option, it might still be difficult to identify the best one, so we encourage you to read a few reviews on the matter and see what the preferences of fishermen for the best rod and reel combo for bass in 2018 are. For example, although fiberglass is found very often in the composition of the rod, bass fishermen prefer the graphite rod, as it is lighter and stiffer. In case you don’t have the time to do all this research, the best bass fishing rods and reels combos will be showcased bellow.



Plusinno Tm Spin Kit


1. Plusinno TMThe Plusinno kit is one of the top choices out there as the user reviews for this product are truly unparalleled. Word has it it is one of the best options for a rod and reel combo and we’re not here to disagree. With a composition of both graphite and fiberglass, the rod is flexible as it is strong. The rod has the immense advantage of being telescopic, which means that it is easy to carry around and store. The reel seats are made of stainless steel, which considerably adds to the overall item durability and to the imperviousness of the product to corrosion and saltwater.

With a gear ratio of 5:2:1, the spinning reel has a deep aluminum spool with a large line capacity of 0.20/240, 0.25/200, 0.30/140. It also has a right/left interchangeable handle, being usable by left-handed people as well. The tensile strength is very high. What’s more, prospective buyers can choose between several lengths of rods, all of which are extensible. We feel we don’t really have a choice but to recommend this combo, as it combines both reliability and ease of use. The medium power and large flexibility of this alternative seem to be some of the highly esteemed features of the Plusinno kit.



Daiwa D-Shock


2.Daiwa D-ShockDaiwa is a winner when it comes to manufacturing excellent gear for fishing. This is a slick combo that is in complete accordance with the brand’s quality standards. The pack consists of a two-piece fiberglass rod with a graphite blank, two ball bearings, one roller bearing drive, as well as an infinite anti-reverse. The rod has stainless steel guides as well as a stainless hooded reel seat, which yet again have a say when it comes to the product durability and its resistance to weather conditions. The EVA foam grips and the hook keeper are two other details to consider when analyzing this option. With a reel line capacity of 170 yards for 8lb and 140 yards for 10lb mono, this too weighs in at just 1.1 ounces, making it a perfect fit for beginners and petite fishermen. Since it is so lightweight, it gives a great balance and is a suitable alternative to use in lakes and rivers.

The people who have purchased and reviewed the fishing rod consider it adequately robust even for large fish, as it has tremendous sensitivity. Judging by the same ratings, the reel is smooth and makes a great option for white bass. Very few people have expressed some concerns in regards to the anti-reverse mechanism as it seems to have been designed with some glitches.



Zebco 808 Spincast


3.Zebco MediumThe Zebco 808 Spincast is a heavy-duty fishing rod and reel combo designed for saltwater fishing. It is built for catching big fish as its spincast reels are pre-spooled with 20 lb line and matched to medium-heavy rods intended to tackle a wide variety of species. This model has a powerful gear ratio of 2.6:1, a line weight of 20 pounds and a line capacity of 90 yards, and together with some kickass features such as Auto Bait Alert that clicks when the line is grabbed. With its ball-bearing drive, built-in hook keeper and changeable right-left hand retrieve, this product seems to be the perfect fishing tool for sturdy gear lovers.

Aside from durability and performance, the Zebco unit is user-friendly and comes with a tangle-free fishing reel. The push button design makes long cast as easy as pie, which means that even beginners can have their share of cake and eat it, too. As for the social media impact and general recognition of this product, we couldn’t have avoided noticing that the Zebco has gathered over seventy positive reviews. People rave about the characteristics of the rod and reel, in that it makes fishing for catfish, trout, croakers, and bass an experience to look for.


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