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Lures for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Even though lures aren’t the most expensive pieces of equipment you’re likely to purchase in your career as a bass fisherman or woman, sometimes getting just the right one is difficult. After several weeks spent researching the market, we have come to the conclusion that most anglers appear to prefer the Rose Kuli Hard Bass Bait because it comes with an ergonomic design that enables it to imitate the real-life swimming action of bait. While some argue that it might be less affordable than some of its competitors, the fact is that the Rose Kuli alternative is way more durable than many other choices out there, which means that you will be able to utilize it time and again. Since the swimbait is available in a broad range of colors and sizes, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it even if you target bass species other than largemouth. Should the Rose Kuli no longer be in stock, we suggest considering the Rapala Rattlin 05.


A.1 Rose Kuli 3.8


If you want to learn everything there’s to know about the best bass fishing lures out there, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a short guide that can speak to the needs and requirements of both beginners and expert fishermen. Just remember, your preferences and the species of fish you’re targeting have to say a lot when it comes to understanding what lured to use for bass.


The user’s skill

There are five types of fishing lures for bass but one has to consider a series of factors when making the right decision between one kind and the next. Aside from the price of the lure per say, both a novice and an advanced fisherman have to take into account things like the water conditions and whether they need the best lures for largemouth bass or the best smallmouth bass lures.

Some of the easiest units to work with are soft baits, crankbaits, and jigs. These three types offer the right results especially for people who are just starting out with bass fishing. By contrast, an expert fisherman is likely to benefit from using spinnerbaits and surface lures. It goes without saying that there’s no rigid rule as to the amount of experience one needs when using either beginner or advanced baits and lures. Surface lures somewhat require a good degree of skill because they should be employed with different casting techniques that beginners may not have mastered. Depending on their characteristics, many large spinnerbaits are the best bass lures for summer and that’s because they should be used in warm water that allows them to spin faster. If you’re feeling a little puzzled about which one to pick, we recommend buying one of each and testing them out so that you realize which one is the right one for you.


Cost and quality

As is the case with many other products you might be interested in purchasing during your lifetime, the price makes the difference when it comes to the quality of the lure and the way it performs. Some people prefer classic lures such as crankbaits but a prospective buyer has to pay attention to the manufacturer and the looks of the product. Many options can look the same but behave differently when being immersed in the water. Some may fail to sink to the bottom because the plastic used in the construction may be too light. While new designs come out every year, we’ve seen that fishermen still prefer choosing products manufactured by well-known brands, and that’s due to the fact that these companies have a reputation of constructing top-quality lures.



In spite of how attractive a unit might seem, the bottom line is that natural colors make good lures for bass. The color dilemma isn’t an issue when selecting plastic worms or even spinnerbaits, as you’re likely to discover sooner or later. However, crankbaits, be they lipless or not, should resemble the small fish they’re trying to imitate the looks of as much as possible.


Water conditions and depth

If you plan to fish through wood cover or any other area where the lure might encounter various obstacles, then you should set your mind on finding the best lipless crankbaits. They offer excellent results when being used in very shallow water. Medium-diving crankbaits are fantastic alternatives for fishing in 5 to 10-ft range whereas deep-diving crankbaits should be utilized in 12 feet of water or more. If it’s windy or cloudy and you plan to fish through thick cover, we recommend using spinnerbaits, perhaps even with a larger blade. Topwaters and jigs should be used when fishing in extremely shallow waters and worms and the likes are good bass fishing lures when the water is warm and clear.


Top 3 products we recommend


Some of the best bass fishing lures will be showcased below. We’ve gone through a lot of information including the owner feedback, various forums and expert review sites, and we’ve done our best at estimating the value offered for the price. Some of the following alternatives have acquired a wide degree of appreciation from many beginners and expert fishermen alike.



Rose Kuli Hard Bass Bait


1.Rose Kuli 3.8This Rose Kuli option is one of the top bass fishing lures we’ve come across during our whole research. It’s been highly spoken of by many users and that comes as no surprise considering how well-made it is.

For one, the neat thing about this alternative is that it can replicate both the pattern and the color of actual baitfish. Second, the ergonomic design allows the lure to perform as realistically as possible, thus imitating the swimming action of the real-life bait. The Rose Kuli is available in a broad range of colors and designs, thus speaking to the needs of various types of bass fishermen.

The detail that makes the difference between the quality of the build and design of this unit and the ones of other alternatives is the durability.

Nobody wants to pay ten dollars or more on a lure and then see that it’s become useless after just one fishing session. Equipped with two quality treble hooks and a uniquely durable hinge, it’s safe to say that this model is one of the best largemouth bass lures money can buy. Plus, over 90 people took the time to write detailed positive reviews on the Rose Kuli Hard Bass Bait which definitely says something about it.

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Rapala Rattlin 05


2.Rapala Rattlin 05The Rapala Rattlin is yet another noteworthy option considering that it’s among the cheap bass lures that are known for doing what it’s supposed to do with little to no effort on the part of the user.

It’s more affordable compared to the alternative we’ve showcased above but that shouldn’t mean that it’s any less well-made. With a balanced design and a uniquely developed sound chamber that contains rattling BBs, it goes without saying that this lure is at least worth having a look at.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one is available in a series of colors and designs that are life-like and realistic enough to trick the fish so that it’s caught with ease.

Spending less than five dollars on a lure that lasts is a good deal, as we’ve seen that this seems to be the standard price for this option. If the affordability isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the fact that this product has gathered over one hundred positive ratings on Amazon should. Many of the people who still use the Rapala Rattlin claim it sinks quickly and responds in a timely fashion, so why not give it a try?

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MaxCatch Hog


3.MaxCatch Hog Series Bass LureThe MaxCatch Hog is one of the best lures for bass fishing mainly if you plan to target a largemouth that has a high chance of setting a record.

While it might not be as affordable as some of the other products we’ve mentioned earlier on, this one is definitely worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market for an alternative that allows you to catch super-large fish. As is the case with the Rapala Rattlin we described above, this one is equipped with a unique system that makes the lure capable of creating noises and rattles that attract the attention of fish.

The high-quality VMC treble hook is an advantage you’re likely to benefit from should you decide to go for this option. The swimbait can be found in three color alternatives, from rainbow trout to perch and baby bass. This is a slow-sinking lure that is realistic thanks to the excellent paint and finish.

The vast majority of the people who took the time to provide ratings for this product claim that it managed to meet and even exceed their expectations because it’s an excellent alternative for when you’re targeting big bass. Additionally, the fact that the manufacturing brand offers incredible customer service is another perk you may want to take into account.

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