Bass fishing for beginners


Beginners gear for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


If you are interested in bass fishing, you will find some reliable information in the next buying guide, from general details on the popularity of bass fishing to the basics of the sport that is much loved by many anglers. Bass fishing is a lot of fun, but you need the right equipment and, of course, the right info on how to catch bass.


Where did bass fishing originate?


The growing popularity of bass fishing over the last decades is strongly related to how much fun catching this type of fish is for anglers of all experience levels.

Largemouth bass fishing is quite popular in the US, since you can find this fish almost everywhere you go. Besides largemouth bass, you will also find small bass and spotted bass, as these are the three most widespread species of bass available in the US.

The thing with bass is that the fish can really put up a fight, which challenges the angler and makes them want to perform better. If you are not careful, a large specimen can even snap your line. The most important trait an angler should have in order to be successful at catching bass is patience. If you master that, you will be able to bring home a really nice bass each time you go fishing for one.


When is bass fishing season?


One great thing about bass is that you can catch it all year round, no matter the season. Of course, you will have to be very knowledgeable about the fish’s habits and quirks, since bass fishing in winter is different from bass fishing in summer.

Your best chances are, in case you are new to this and you do not want to go back home empty handed, to fish for bass in spring and summer, when the fish is very active and it does not need a lot of motivation to bite. Keep in mind that smallmouth bass fishing is also different from fishing for other types of bass, and you will need the right equipment to score results.


How to start bass fishing?


Starting bass fishing is not difficult at all. First things first, you will need a license and a bass fishing setup that should include a rod and reel.

There are many resources online that explain the bass fishing basics you need to know in order to start catching this great fish. You will learn essential things, such as what bait to use for bass, along with tips on getting the best equipment. However, being well equipped is not the only thing that matters.

Experts teach beginners about where to find bass, how to lure it out and how to land a successful catch. Information on currents, water temperature, locations, fish behavior and the like is supplied by seasoned anglers who want to teach newcomers to this sport about the enjoyable experience you can have while fishing for bass. This buying guide is a good starting point for anyone who wants to start fishing for bass.


The best bass fishing gear for beginners


As a beginner fisherman who wants to get their hands on a nice bass, you will first need to find all the right gear necessary. You will find below all the information you need on the best bass fishing gear you should get. We want to help you identify the best equipment you can find on the market right now and what to use to catch bass.

If you are interested in getting the best gear around for bass fishing, our guide will take you through all the important products that enjoy high popularity among anglers, and through the reasons why they are considered the most recommended choices. By comparing different products and reading through numerous owners’ reviews, we identified the best models based on categories, so you can find them with ease.

We hope that our guide will help you save time, time that you can use to learn bass fishing techniques. Equipped with both the right gear and the right knowledge, nothing will stop you from becoming a great fisherman. We will show you the best bass fishing reels, along with other gear, so that you will never leave home for bass fishing unprepared.



The best bass rod and reel combo


For beginners, getting a rod and reel combo for bass fishing is a really great idea. It is much better than getting rods and reels separately, because you will only have to get line and tackle and use the rod and reel combo exactly as it is. This is the kind of convenience that makes many anglers prefer combos to separate items. Combos also save you money, since you will not have to spend two times; manufacturers price their combos right, most of the time, so you will easily find one to your liking. Finding a combo is really easy, since these are virtually everywhere you look.


Ready 2 Fish


1.Ready 2 Fish Bass Spin Combo with KitThis combo with kit is a great choice for any beginner. If you are looking for the best bass rod and reel, this is where you should look. A reliable model with many positive reviews from users, the Ready 2 Fish will help you start fishing for bass right away, without the need for previous knowledge on how to bring together a rod and reel.

The combo reviewed here has a closure that is color coded, so you will be able to choose the right setup without any troubles. Because there is a kit included, this means that you can choose from various accessories that will make your fishing trips more successful. This is really handy when you want to make a small investment in your favorite pastime.

The combo is sturdy and it is built to last through many fishing adventures. The fiberglass rod is handy and convenient and the ceramic guides will help even more experienced fishermen with ready to use reference. A wide variety of lures are included in the kit, so you will be able to expand your horizons as an aspiring fisherman. Although this is a model intended for beginners, it is a must have for seasoned anglers, as well.



What’s the best bass fishing rod for beginners?


When you are fishing for bass, it is extremely important to have the right equipment. Your gear selection should start with a rod. Here are some thoughts on what makes a good fishing rod for beginners who are after bass. First of all, you should be familiar with the power of the rod. Heavy action rods need more pressure from the user to bend, while light action rods are easier to handle. For bass fishing, a medium to light power rod is most indicated. A rod with a faster action speed is also recommended for beginners, so they can get accustomed to the power transfer from the fish to the rod.


Shimano Stimula


2.Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin RodWhen you are shopping for the best bass fishing rod, you should take a look at the Shimano Stimula. This model is designed for spinning anglers who like faster action when they are fishing for bass.

The manufacturer is well known for creating a wide variety of rods for fishing trout, bass and panfish, and they even sell sturdier rods for heavier fish like salmon and catfish. You will surely love how loaded with useful features these rods are.

The aluminum oxide guides are resistant to rust, so they will handle some wear and tear without any troubles. The custom shaped cork handle is a nice touch and many people appreciate the attention to detail this manufacturer has. The multipurpose hook keeper is really handy, because it allows you to use a larger variety of hooks, depending on the kind of fish you want to catch.

The length of this rod is 5’6″ and its power level is ultra light, which makes it a really great choice for beginners. Its fast action helps you get accustomed with the usual force of bass, so you will love spending time on water and catching bass on your next fishing trips.


What’s the best bass fishing reel for beginners?


Besides a good quality rod, you will also need a reliable fishing reel when you are planning to catch bass. Beginners would do great with a reel with smooth action. The type of lubricant plays a major role here, since it can make a reel feel more tired or smoother, depending on how thick it is. Above everything else, the quality of execution is very important in a reel. Go for the tried and tested, and get a reel made by a manufacturer with a lot of experience in the area.


Okuma Trio


3.Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel, Black-OrangeThere are many important things one should keep in mind when they are shopping for a good fishing reel for bass. This specific model combines some great advantages, which make it a really fine choice for many anglers, especially those who do not have a lot of experience.

The reel is made from one piece and the material used for the reel stern and rotor arm is aluminum. This way, the reel feels really lightweight in your hand. The reel is flanked by graphite side plates, so again, its total weight is kept to a minimum. At the same time, you will benefit from the strength provided by these materials, so you will not have to sacrifice anything.

The special construction of the reel uses a drag chamber made of aluminum that allows for superior smoothness, as well as stability, something that is essential for any beginner. Drag is extremely important when you are fishing for bass, since this type of fish is known for being able to put up quite a fight. Especially when you learn how to catch big bass, you will notice that proper drag is important, and this is exactly what this model provides.



What are good bass fishing lures?


Since bass is such a versatile fish and it can be seen in many different climate conditions, as well as areas, your lures must be as versatile as the fish is. If what you want is getting the best bass fishing lures, then you have come to the right place. Crankbaits, for instance, are a great choice for many different water body conditions, as you can use them on rocky bottoms, in areas with a lot of vegetation and shallow flats. Spinnerbaits, on the other hand, are great for covering a lot of water surface, and they will maximize your chances of success.


Bravefishermen Minnow


4.Bravefishermen Minnow CrankBaits Lot of 5pcs Fishing LuresThese colorful crankbaits are a great idea for putting together a kit for your next bass fishing trip.

Their bright colors will attract the fish, and you will have bass going after your lures sooner than you think. Their design makes them float and dive in water, mimicking the action of a real fish, so bass will be drawn to these lures right away.

You will be able to cast as far as you like, since the steel ball inside every lure helps it travel faster. For greedy fish like bass, these lures are among the best you can find at the moment.



Rose Kuli


5.Rose Kuli Jointed Life-like Swimbait Hard Fishing Lure Bass BaitThis is a special type of lure that beginners and seasoned anglers alike highly appreciate.

The jointed design means that the lure can move just like a real fish inside water, and bass will not be able to tell the difference. Colors and patterns of fish that bass usually is after are carefully replicated, so fish will come to it, without suspecting anything.

This is also a good choice if you plan on fishing under less than ideal water conditions. Because it is very durable, you will be able to use this specific lure for bass fishing for a long time, and you will not want to replace it with anything else.



What’s the best bass fishing line?


When you are learning about the best way to catch bass, you will come to the conclusion that you will not be able to get perfect results, unless you get a good and reliable bass fishing line. This is what makes the last link between you and the fish and it needs to be of high quality. Monofilament models are considered great because of their buoyancy, but they are not the only ones you can trust. Fluorocarbon models are favored because they do not look much different from the water environment, so the fish cannot suspect foul play. Braided lines are good for larger fish, because they are stronger and more reliable.


KastKing Masters


6.KastKing Masters Monofilament Fishing LineThis monofilament line is the type of line that even professional anglers use. You can even go to tournaments with this line without having to feel ashamed of not being on par with the seasoned anglers who take part in such events.

The line offers the perfect balance between strength and fast casting at high distances. For a spinning reel or a baitcaster reel, this is the type of line you should get, as its performance is superior.

Resistance to abrasion makes it a fine choice for beginners, without putting them through the pain of breaking several lines before landing their first catch.



KastKing World’s Premium


6.KastKing World's Premium Monofilament Fishing LineThere are many advantages to having good quality line for bass fishing like this one.

The line never sinks and because it does not have spool memory like other lines do, you will be able to cast as far as like, without having the line look unnatural or tangle.

You will love its smoothness, something that is essential when you are bass fishing. Because it has superior resistance to abrasion, you will not have to worry about the line getting damaged when the conditions are less than ideal. You can use this line for saltwater fishing, too.


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